Edmonton Dec/12: Solid Growth of Local Real Estate Market in 2012

Edmonton Dec/12: Solid Growth of Local Real Estate Market in 2012.


Edmonton Garrison Posted

Posted from Edmonton Garrison also known as the Steele Barracks. It is that time of the year again. Edmonton posting season. Military members are on the move throughout Canada and the world.

For some military members this will be their first posting and they should start to enquire on the process from the day they receive their posting message, especially if this is your first posting or if you will be away on course during your house selling process.

Relocating military families have the option to work with any Realtor from any company they choose. A Realtor who knows the Brookfield system and has experience specializing in relocation moves is a huge asset and will lessen the stress of the move.

Over the last few years Brookfield Relocations (IRP) has changed some of their policies including some cutbacks from it’s relocation resource packages. If you have been posted consider asking other DND members to recommend a Realtor or interview more than one Realtor before making your selection.

Here are some posting questions you may want to ask your real estate Agent

1. How Familiar are you with Brookfield (IRP)?

2. What happens if my house is not sold by my COS date?

3. When is the best time to go on my HHT (house-hunting-trip)

4. What happens if my house sale and house purchase dates do not line up?

5. What “out of pocket” fees will I need to pay?

I have assisted many military families relocate to and from Edmonton, Morinville, Bon Accord and Gibbons Alberta and look forward to helping more members relocate across Canada.

If you are relocating and would like more information about the relocation process, contact Audrey Abuan.

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